Venture Studiofor a Sustainable Future

We build and finance impact-driven companies
with scalable and tech-based solutions to fight climate change

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We believe Entrepreneurship to be the most effective approach to accelerate the transition toward a more resilient world

what we do ?

We co-found new businesses from scratch
or by joining Pre-Seed startup Founders

We source and develop promising ideas and technologies

to address challenges in the following sectors:

picto chargement électrique Clean Energy & Resource Optimization
picto voiture électrique Low Carbon Mobility Solutions
picto gâchit alimentaire Recycling & Waste Reduction
picto usine Sustainable Production and Clean Industry
picto vent fort Decarbonized Built Environment
picto agriculture écologique Sustainable Food & Agriculture
We bring together and work closely with

entrepreneurs, scientists
& TTO, corporates, investors,
and many others

We finance companies internally up to €6m.
what we bring ?

Venture Building & Investment


Entrepreneurs,with previous experience in transferring technologies from lab to fab, exploring promising business opportunities with strong impact and building fast-growing tech startups.

Venture builders,acting as co-founders, ready to roll up their sleeves and work alongside you on product development, supply chain and manufacturing, innovation marketing, go-to-market, sales, strategic positionning, HR, fundraising, etc.

Community builders,of entrepreneurs, industry experts, potential customers, partners, investors, etc for support, traction, pilots, rollouts, finance and accelerated growth

Investors,able to understand your long term vision, strengthen your strategy and lead Pre-Creation, Pre-Seed and Seed rounds (up to €6m).

Our team

our portfolio

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Let's talk!

If you’re interested in more than just cash, and looking
for a true partner to help grow and scale your impact and ambition

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Project Holders
& Entrepreneurs

I want to tackle a transition challenge or become a co-founder with 4Elements



I want to cofound my deeptech startup with 4Elements


Pre-seed Startup

I want to have 4Elements by my side


At our Venture Studio 4Elements, we act as both venture builders and investors, fostering entrepreneurship and driving the transition towards a resilient world. We passionately believe in supporting impact-driven companies that offer scalable and tech-based solutions to combat climate change, such as low carbon mobility, clean energy, recycling and waste reduction, sustainable production and clean industry, decarbonized built environment, and sustainable food and agriculture.

Just as clean energy powers our sustainable initiatives, we provide the necessary resources and financial backing to fuel the growth of these forward-thinking ventures. Like recycling and waste reduction, we aim to minimize waste and maximize the impact of each investment.

Our Venture Studio serves as a catalyst for change, nurturing entrepreneurs who are building the foundations of a resilient future. 4Elements connects these innovative minds with experienced entrepreneurs and investors who share our vision for a sustainable planet. Together, we’re constructing a sustainable ecosystem, much like a decarbonized built environment, where ideas flourish and impact is amplified.

Similar to sustainable food and agriculture, we cultivate the seeds of sustainable businesses and help them flourish into thriving enterprises. Our venture builders work in harmony with scientists and entrepreneurs, like the synergy between farmers and their communities, to cultivate a sustainable economy that benefits everyone.